SmartLinks are normal URL that hides an intelligence behind. As a regular URL you can copy & paste it wherever you want: your web site, an external web site, social networks and so on.

The sysem can manage 2 types of SmartLink:

  • Content SmartLink: when related to a content item
  • Redirection SmartLink: when associated with an arbitrary URL

Content SmartLink

In this case when the user clicks the link, he/she is redirected to the content item URL (the URL depends on the used content provider).

For example:


In the example above, when the user clicks the smartlink, he/she will be redirect directly to the Kelkoo offer.

Redirection SmartLink

A redirection SmartLink is associated to an arbitrary target URl that you decide (that can be changed at any time).

Without additional rules, when the smartlink is clicked, the user will be redirected to the target URL. Of course you can create as many SmartLinks as you want:


When clicking a single SmartLink you can edit all the related information:


As you see, the target URL can be changed at any time.

The ‘smart’ part is that you can specify a list of flexible and powerful redirection rules, to change final target URL based on user context, device type, custom paramteres, HTTP referrers, etc. Here below a list of available redirection rules.

Redirection Rules

  • Redirection Type


  • Expired Date

    When the smartlink is expired an alternative URL is used to redirect the user.


  • Client Device Type

    You can detect the client device type and decide, accordingly, where the user must be redirected.


    Here the list of device types you can use to set the redirection rules:


  • User Language

    Users can be redirected based on the browser language settings.


  • HTTP Referrers

    You can use HTTP referres to redirect users based on from where they are coming from.


  • URL Parameters

    User can be redirected based on some URL paramter value.


  • IP Address

    You can use client IP address for user redirection. Both IP V4 and IP V6 are supported.