How to create an affiliation product offer content?

Today we will learn how to create a content item, and how to publish it in yout post and/or pages. In particular we will create an affiliation product offer using Amazon as content provider, and you will see that is something that takes 2 minutes (may be less !).

So let’s start. Go to the WP MoneyClick menu and select ‘Contents’:

This will display a list of current created content items:


Click the ‘Add New’ button to create a new content and select the content provider type you want (in our example we will use Amazon):


As you can see just after the content creation you can assign a title (‘iPhone 6 64GB‘) that will help you in recognizing the content.

The system displays the shortcode and the smartlink for this content. For this tutorial what we will need is the shortcode.

What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a WordPress special ‘tag’ that is rendered by WordPress with dynamic content. The general syntax is

[shortcodename param1=’value1′ param2=’value2′ … ]

In WP MoneyClick the shortcode to visualize a content is:

[ wpmoneyclick id=’483′ ]

where 483 is the content ID (assigned automatically by the system).

So, now, coming back to our tutorial, we are creating a content for the Amazon provider. You just need to fill the fields to ask the system searching amazon in its (huge !) product catalog. You see that you can search by product ID (that uniquely identify an Amazon product, or by Category/Search keyword). We are using the last one:


IMPORTANT: for a correct search is important to choose the right product category.

Now is time to select which template you want to use to render the content. The template defines how the content will look like when displayed in the user browser. You can use a ‘built-in’ templates that are coming with the plugin or, more typically, you create your own template (may be using a built-in template as starting point). For the moment let’s use the template ‘WPMC Affiliation Product Card’:


You see that after the template you have to choose the ‘Display Mode‘. If the template is defining how the content will look like, the display mode is defining how the content will ‘enter’ in the page.

Leaving it blank (or choosing ‘WPMC Inline’) will just display the content in the normal page flow. Other possibile values are fixed top/bottom bars, popups, etc. But for the moment just keep it blank.

Now you can ‘publish’  the content item, that in the WordPress terminology means just to save it. After the save you can use the ‘Preview’ button to see the result:
wpmoneyclick-create-new-content-step4-preview If your preview looks like the picture above, it means that everything is working fine!

Now you are ready to use this content wherever you need: in a blog post, in a page, in a dashboard widget: just copy and paste the shortcode [ wpmoneyclick id=’483′ ] where you need it.

What about publishing this content in all my site posts?

If you have a lot of existing posts, may be you want to publish product offers also in existing posts, without doing it manually one by one. In this case WP MoneyClick can help you a lot.

Using the automatic publishing feature you can do it with just few mouse clicks. A detailed tutorial is coming soon !

Did you configure the Amazon provider?

Remember that before creating any content using the Amazon provider, you must configure it in the settings menu: