Getting Started

What is WPMoneyClick?

WPMoneyClick is a WordPress plugin that you can install in your web site.

Designing this software we had 2 main goals in mind:

  • Help in getting money from your web site. Take benefits of main affiliation providers (Amazon, eBay, …) to monetize your web site traffic.
  • It must be simple: you don’t need to be a guru of technical details to reach your results. Just few mouse click and the plugin will do the work for you.

How the plugin is helping me in monetizing my traffic?

WPMoneyClick is able to help you in several ways:

  • It will let you, with just few mouse clicks, in selecting product offers from the most important affiliation providers: Amazon, eBay, Kelkoo, TrovaPrezzi (…and more to come !). You can search products based on the keywords, category, discount, etc.
  • You can, automatically, publish the offers you created in all your web site in few seconds. You don’t need to go article by article and modify them. One click and, for example, you publish an offer for an iPhone cover to all your post in the ‘Apple’ category (or tag).
  • Target your offers to your user audiences: show Apple related offers to an user with an iPhone, while showing another offer to someone on a desktop PC.

See in the video below how simple is creating an Amazon offer and publish it (60 sec !)

What WPMoneyClick is not?

WPMoneyClick is not a classical ‘content injection’ plugin. It will not just put an AdSense ads in your web site. If you need just this you can find good free plugins for that!

Where WPMoneyClick is different is that you will be able to search high-converting product offers from the main affiliation providers (Amazon, eBay, Kelkoo, …) and show them to your users.

It will look for product offers with the best price / discount and visualize them, targeting your audiences based on the device they are using (is user using an iPhone or a desktop PC?), from where they are coming from (from From ? From a specific site / landing page?), based on the user language (is an italian or an spanish user?), and so on.

The goal is always to propose the right offer to the right user, so it will be ‘clicked’ more and you will get more money!

What about Ad Blockers?

We know that Ad Blockers are a pain for people than want to monetize their web sites…

With WPMoneyClick all the affiliation offers that are managed natively are Ad Blockers free !

The product offers becomes part of your web site, no Ad Blocker will block them anymore. This is true both for desktop browsers and mobile device browsers.

Your users will not perceive your offers as spam or classical adversting: they are just additional content in your pages / posts.

Suppose you are writing a post where you are talking about last model of a Samsung phone: in few seconds you can create a product offer to see the best online price for buying that smartphone, and you ‘merge’ this product offer in your post.

Your user reading the article will be naturally courious to know which is the best price for that phone. They will click the offer link and you will get immediate money!  (pay-per-click offer).

Getting more money from your existing traffic

WPMoneyClick can help you in optimizing the traffic you already have.

You can use the plugin to increase your pageviews (how many pages your users view in you site) and reduce your bounce rate (people that read an article and then leave you web site).

You can do it using related articles techniques:

  • Put inline related article in the middle of your article. It is proved that this greatly increase the pageviews.
  • Create a related article box (for example 3 articles in the same category) and show them to the user using a non-invasive popup (bottom right) after the user is 5 seconds in your page? It sounds complicated? With the plugin you just need few mouse clicks…

What about the other advertising platforms like Google AdSense?

While native affiliation platforms (Amazon, eBay, Kelkoo, …) are manage using native services exposed by these platforms, you can also use all your existing advertising platforms: Google AdSense, JuiceAdv, Criteo, PayClick, the list is endless.

You can copy and paste your exising block of HTML /JavaScript and ask the plugin to manage it like the offers coming from Amazon!

So you can benefit of key plugin capabilities (user targeting, automatic publishing, …) for all your contents. 

NOTE: as this kind of external providers are not managed with native API they will be, as usual, subject to Ad Blockers.