WP MoneyClick 1.2.0 Released

New Features

Amazon / eBay affiliation tags per user basis

Now the Amazon and eBay providers allows to set user affiliation tag on a per user basis. This is very useful where in a multi-author blog you want to grant commissions on the various users who collaborates with you.

In the user profile edit screen you have 2 new fields


It these values are not set, the system will use the general affiliate ID set in the WPMoneyClick provider settings.

Content Item Before/After Custom Code

Every content item now has 2 new attributes ‘code before’ and ‘code after’. The 2 new attributes can contain any HTML, CSS, JS and also WP shortcodes.

They will be rendered before / after  the normal content item output.


New templates for Inline Related Post

There are 2 new builtin templates that can be used to implement WP inline related article:

  • Inline related post
  • Inline related post (with post image thumbnail)

Inline related post are great to drastically increase pageviews and reduce bounce rate: keep you users in your web site!

Other Minor Changes

  • The ‘No items text’ content item attribute now can contain arbitrary HTML code and WP shortcodes
  • A new general setting is available to disable (when needed) advanced template code editor . This is due to some compatibility problems between CodeMirror and some WordPress configurations.

Bug Fix

  • Bad UTF-8 chars encoding with custom templates
  • Some button URL pointing wrongly to the Pubishing Simulator
  • Fixed wrong behavior for affiliation offers random sort (when used with WP cache plugins)