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[av_toggle title=’Can I have the invoice after buying the plugin?’ tags=’Sales’]
Sure, we suggest you write an email to us (info@wpmoneyclick.com) in order to get all the billing/tax details.
[av_toggle title=’Can I move a license from a web site to another one?’ tags=’Sales’]
No. The license key is linked with your domain name. So using the same license in another web site will not work.
[av_toggle title=’What I get buying a single license?’ tags=”]
Buying a single license you will get:

  • The WP plugin package (.zip file to install in your WordPress site)
  • 1 year technical support
  • 1 year software updates

After 1 year, the plugin is still active and working, but you will not get support and software updates (unless you renew the license).
[av_toggle title=’Is the license expiring?’ tags=”]
Yes. With the licence you buy you get 1 year of technical support and software updates.

After that time you will not get technical support or software updates, but the plugin will work normally.
[av_toggle title=’How many licenses I need for a WP multisite installation?’ tags=”]
The license activation key is linked to the top level domain of your web site. So if your site is www.mysite.com, if the domain remain the same you can use the same license (for example installations mapped to subdomains or subfolders).

So you can have multisite intallations with a single license.
[av_toggle title=’I have different web sites. How many licenses do I need?’ tags=”]
If the web sites are mapped to different top level domain you need 1 license per domain.

So if you have 3 sites, www.mysite.com, www.foo.com and www.xyz.com, you need 3 licenses.

Instead if you have www.mysite.com, blog.mysite.com and support.mysite.com you need 1 license (as the top level domani is the same).
[av_toggle title=’There is any discount for volume purchase?’ tags=”]
Buying, at least,  10 licences you will get a 15% price discount.
[av_toggle title=’Do you have an affiliation program?’ tags=”]
Yes. You can join our affiliation program via eJunkie.

For each sell you will get 20% commission.

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[av_toggle title=’What are the technical prerequisites to install WP MoneyClick?’ tags=’Sales’]
WP MoneyClick is a standard WordPress plugin. It is tested for WP 4.3.x (or later) and you must run PHP 5.4.x (or later).

No other special requirements are needed.
[av_toggle title=’How to I install the plugin in my WordPress site?’ tags=”]
Just add normally the plugin using the standard WordPress procedure:

  1. WordPress Plugins Menu
  2. Use the upload function to load the WP MoneyClick .zip file
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Go to the WPMoneyClick settings page and enable your plugin with your activation key

[av_toggle title=’How do I update WP MoneyClick plugin?’ tags=”]
The plugin perfectly integrates with the standard WordPress environement.

So udpates will be notified normally inside WP, like any other plugin: with just one click you will update your plugin.
[av_toggle title=’Is the plugin compatible with Yoast SEO plugin?’ tags=”]
The plugin is 100% compatibile with Yoast SEO (we also use it !). There is not configuration element that must be checked to avoid strange behavior.

It is important to NOT activate the ‘Force Rewrite Titles’ option, as peraphs suggested in the official Yoast SEO documentation (link).


NOTE 1: this option is just a technical workaround for bad-written WP theme. What is important is just that you check your header.php is handling the title with a code that must be like this:


NOTE 2: activating the ‘Force Rewrite Titles’ option may also slow down you site! (as documented in Yoast SEO web site)
[av_toggle title=’is the plugin compatible with WP cache plugins?’ tags=”]
Yes. WP MoneyClick is designed with performance in mind. Since the beginning we implemented the various functionalities to work (and take advantage) with WP cache plugins.

We tested the plugin with W3 Total Cache (we are also users of this great plugin!), but also other plugins like WP SuperCache should work fine.