Come pubblicare automaticamente offerte di affiliazione nel tuo sito


In a lot of cases, your web site already contains hundreds (or may be thousands) of articles.

So what about publishing affiliation offers in all your articles, without going to change, one by one, all the existing posts?

Using WPMoneyClick this is done with just few mouse clicks! So let’s see which are the steps and the logic behind.

Publishing Groups and Publishing Rules

As you already know, the building block of WPMoneyClick are the content items (see this tutorial to see how simple is creating a content item).

The way you publish manually a content item is using its shortcode. When you want to publish a content on all your site (all the pages, all the posts, etc.) you need to use the automatic publishing capabilities of WPMoneyClick.

Few concepts to keep in mind:

  • The root control level for automatic publishing are publishing groups. Without (enabled) publishing groups, no content will be automatically published
  • A publishing group can contain 1 or more publishing rules. You can decide, for each group, if all the contained rules should be applied or just the first matching one
  • A publishing rule is where you link the content you want to publish and where you decide where the content should be published.

If you link more that 1 content item to the same rule, when the rule is applied the system will select 1 content item randomly.

Automatic publishing is a very powerful (and flexible) feature: you can decide, for example, to publishing certain offers to all posts in the ‘Apple’ category (may be using a popup), while displaying some other offers for post in the ‘Android’ category, at the end of each article, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

View the following video tutorial to see how simple is publishing your affiliation offers without chaning any article in your web site.


NOTE 1: remember to check that in general settings the ‘Automatic Publishing’ features is enabled.

NOTE 2: the system provides a Publishing Simulator, where you can check, for a specific URL of your web site, which publishing groups/rules will be applied (so which content will be published)